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October 2012.pdf
2012-2013 calendar.pdf
Welcome Back September.pdf
November 2012.pdf
December 2012.pdf
Proposed School Calendar Letter.pdf
January 2013.pdf
Are you up to the Reading Challenge.docx
February 2013.pdf
March 2013.pdf
2013 14 School Year.doc
BME 2012 2013 Fundraising Summary.xls
BME PAC Financial Summary 2012 2013.xls
Last Day News June 27 2013.pdf
Staff Updated Last Day News.pub2013.pdf
Calendar 2013-2014 - district.pdf
Special Kindergarten Edition.pdf
Christmas Concert letter to parents.pdf
christmas choir (2).pdf
Calendar January 2014.pdf
JAN 2014.pdf
Proposed School Calendar.pdf
Calendar fEB 2014.pdf
JAN 28 2014.pdf
My Emotions.pdf
Calendar MAR 2014.pdf
Feb  28 2014.pdf
Calendar APRIL 2014.pdf
April 28, 2014.pdf
Calendar MAY 2014.pdf
Letter to Parents - May 22, 2014.pdf
BME Newspaper 2014 proof 51512.pdf
June 2, 2014.pdf
2014-2015 School Year.pdf
Letter to Parents - June 25, 2014.pdf
Redesigning Opportunity for French Immersion Learning in Central Okanagan Public Schools.pdf
Springvalley Middle Bundled Option.pdf
Dr Knox Middle Bundled Option.pdf
Potential Impact of Options on French Immersion Enrolment.pdf
Together We Learn - January 2017.pdf
Together We Learn.pdf
0-6 Mental Health Notes to share with Parents.pdf
6-9 Mental Health Notes to share with Parents.pdf
10-14 Mental Health Support Notes to share with Parents.pdf
15-18 Mental Notes to share with Parents.pdf
FrenchImmersion_Kindergarten_OpenHouses 2018-2019.pdf
SOGI Frequently Asked Questions Final.pdf
Letter to Parents re Cannabis Legalization.pdf