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Sick Child?

​When Should I Keep My Sick Children Home from School?

  •  If the child does not pass the Daily Health Check 
  • If a child is sick, they need to rest or their recovery could be delayed.
  • The ability of your child to function and learn at school.
  • The prevention of the spread of illness to other children and families or to school staff.
  • The inability of the school to look after your child.

Please keep your child home if he/she:

  •   Have symptoms such as persistent cough, constant runny nose, vomiting or diarrhea.  If these symptoms do not clear up within a reasonable time, please see your family doctor.
  •   Have a suspected or known communicable disease (ie. Pink eye, Mumps, measles, rubella, chicken pox, whooping cough, gastrointestinal illnesses).
  •   Has a fever.  Your child must be free of a fever for 24 hrs. before sending them to school.
  • Is too sick to participate in all normal school activities.

Keep them home until they are no longer infectious. Infectious periods vary with the disease.  For more information:

  • Contact Public Health at 250-469-7070 or your family doctor if you have questions.
  • BC Nurseline 24 hours at: (604) 215-4700 or Toll free 1-866-215-4700

Should the school find it necessary to send your child home because of illness, please ensure you have made alternate arrangements if you are not available.  Please inform your school of these arrangements.

Here's to a healthy school year!