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Long Term Absence
 Longterm Absence Workbook.pdfLongterm Absence Workbook.pdf

Please Note:  Each year we are approached by an increasing number of parents who wish to take their child out of school for extended periods, usually for family plans or family business. We do not have a ―leave of absence procedure.  Rather, it is assumed that parents will make decisions in the best interests of their child.
We are respectful that many families have family members far away, and spending time with them is important. Difficulties arise when parents wish to have reassurances that their child will not be behind in their work when they return. When your child misses school for extended periods, he or she will be behind in
classroom work. Missed instruction time cannot be made up because complete lessons cannot be retaught.
Students may have cultural and travel experiences which contribute to their development, but the varied daily
classroom activities they miss cannot be duplicated through worksheets or workbooks.