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Hot Lunch Ordering

​Welcome to the Black Mountain Parent Advisory Council and Hot Lunch web site. On this site parents will be able to view Black Mountain Parent Advisory Council documents and newsletters, place hot lunch orders for their children, place and read free classified ads from other parents, and view our on-line event calendar.

We believe that by involving and informing parents we will have a more supportive and effective school environment for our children. It is up to us to work together to ensure our children have the best possible school experience.


​Creating your account:

Go to the BME Hot Lunch website and follow the "Click Here to Register" link to create your account. Use access code BMEHL.
Please choose ANY teacher of the grade your child is going in to and I will correct them accordingly after the children are placed in their new classrooms.

And if you have not already, please "like" our BME PAC Facebook page as it's always full of wonderful current BME info and hot lunch updates.

If you have received this email and are no longer at BME then we wish you well at your new school!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding hot lunch please don't hesitate to contact the coordinators.  They are  more than happy to help.​

1.  As every year, due to privacy issues, I need to do a system reset.  When I do this, your account from last year will be deleted.  Therefore, you will need to make a new account.  When you create a new account, the ACCESS CODE is BMEHL.  If you are new this year to the school and have already created an account you will also have to create another new one, as your account will also be deleted.

2.  If for some reason you had a credit on your account no worries!!  I have a list of the credits and will apply them to your accounts when you create the new account! These credits will show up once you have created your new account.

3. As in past years, you will be able to use PayPal to pay for your hot lunches, as well as cash or cheque. Drop off box located at the front entrance across from the office.

4. If you are wanting to volunteer on Mondays or Fridays to help with hot lunch delivery please let me know.  I can always use helpers.  I am hoping to have enough volunteers this year that we can set up a schedule for the helpers.​