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At Black Mountain Elementary we are all about making 'home' connections, and embracing 'school' connections for the whole family.  In our school learning community, we pride ourselves on a caring, and safe classroom environment, where we all work collaboratively with the students' best interest in mind. Parents support our teamwork and leadership initiatives by attending monthly PAC meeting, executive PAC meeting, and COPAC meetings. Further, they volunteer at our Terry Fox Run, community events, Apple Bowl Track and Field Days, and Play Days. They play a critical role in helping set our goals, working with the school, and specifically supporting our literacy goal by volunteering their time and energy in operating our book fair, and aiding in classroom reading sessions. They assist with our kindergarten orientation program. Further, they support our initiatives for promoting healthy schools (eg. Fruit and Vegetable Programs, 'Choose Most' menu items for hot lunch days, and the Milk program). It is hoped that we continue to encourage and motivate the less active parents to play an integral part in our school culture, and to educate all our community members about our growth goals at Black Mountain Elementary.

Parent involvement continues to be welcomed and visible on a daily basis at Black Mountain Elementary. Parents help with in-class learning activities, special events and field trips on a regular basis. Our PAC is actively involved in supporting school programs and special events via a wealth of fundraising initiatives. 

Our Parent Advisory Council meets on a monthly basis and welcomes all BME parents to attend!