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Parent Advisory
​​​​​​​​​​​​​BME PAC

All parents who have students registered at Black Mountain Elementary School are automatically a member of the school Parent Advisory Council (PAC) and are encouraged and welcome to attend monthly meetings.  There also a PAC Facebook page, which contains regular updates regarding events/info for the school.

All meetings are planned to be at 6:00 in the Library Learning Commons (LLC).  
The 2022-2023 BME PAC Executive Team

Elected Positions 
President - Jessica Pfitzenmaier 
Vice-President - Julee Richmond 
Secretary - Kati Knorr 
Treasurer - Sandeep Dhillon 
COPAC - Ryan Liboiron
Members-At-Large: Jessica Shea, Susan Peters, Kailey Lwowski 

Appointed Positions
Communications Coordinator - Jessica Shea 
Fruit & Veggie Coordinator - Katie Brendzy
Fundraising Coordinator - Katie Ranchoux 
Hot Lunch Coordinators - Sabrina Liboiron, Shantelle Hartmann 
Volunteer Coordinator - Jules Gonzales 

Contact the BME PAC at 

 What are the roles of the Parent Advisory Executive?

-Preside over all monthly General and Executive meetings.  

-Appoint committees where needed. 

-Is a member of all committees.  

-Be a signing officer. 

-Consult with PAC executive and school administration to prepare the agenda, and ensure the agenda is prepared for monthly meetings. 

-Delegate duties to other members as appropriate. 


-Assume the presidents' responsibilities in their absence. 

-Assume the responsibilities of the secretary in their absence. 

-Accept extra duties as required  

-Be a signing officer. 

Past President  -Support the Executive and provide guidance and advise as required. 

-Attend all monthly General and Executive meetings. 

-Keep full and accurate record of all minutes from both the General and Executive. Meetings. 

-Forward General meeting minutes to the appropriate administration for publishing on school website. 

-Keep an accurate copy of the Constitution and Bylaws. Will make copies available to members upon request. 

COPAC Representative 

-Represent the school and the PAC at monthly COPAC meetings.  

-Give a report at monthly general meetings about the COPAC meeting. 

-Pass along information as it relates to the PAC and its members. 


-Requires a basic understanding of accounting.  

-Attend all monthly General and Executive PAC meetings. 

-Receive, collect and deposit all funds on behalf of the PAC in the PAC bank accounts in a timely manner.  

-Keep an accurate account of all receipts and expenditures.  

-Pay by cheque, all bills and accounts that have been approved by the PAC.  

-Submit bank statements for all accounts at all PAC meetings. 

-Ensure that the application for Community Gaming Grant funds is completed and submitted on a timely basis.  

-Prepare and submit as required by legislation, any and all reports regarding the expenditure of Gaming Funds.  

-Ensure that the other signing officers have access to the financial records and books of account in the treasurer's absence. 

-Prepare and present a monthly financial report at PAC General and executive meetings. 

-Submit an annual financial statement at the annual general meeting.  

Members at Large (including Classroom Representatives)

-Help with duties as they arise and are of interest to them throughout the year.

-Responsible for arranging fundraisers throughout the year as the need arises for the PAC, and coordinate with school administration to ensure minimal amount of disruption. 

-Keep an accurate record of all funds raised during a fundraiser. 

-Be the liaison for those who participate in fundraisers.  

-Present a fundraising report at monthly PAC General and Executive meetings.  

-Present a report at the AGM, highlighting the amount of funds raised throughout the year, discussing the most successful and least successful.  

Hot Lunch Coordinators 

-This can be a large role and requires at least two dedicated individuals. Where one of the two must be one site during Hot Lunch service. They will be the main contact for parents, teachers and vendors' questions and concerns. Food Safe may be required. 

-Reset the Hot lunch website. Update and maintain all vendors, teachers, students, and parents' information on the website. Create menus for ordering. Collect payment from parents. Keep track of all orders, payments & profits.  

-Work with the Principal about dates for HL and student sponsorships as they are presented. 

-Recruit volunteers as needed. 

-Work with the Social Media Executive for social media posts. 

-Schedule and submit orders to Vendors, if not preparing all food items in house (Hot Dog Day). Work with the Treasurer and cheque writers to obtain payment for vendors. 

-Order and gather all supplies necessary to complete the HL service. Such as food items (Juice boxes, apples, yogurt…) and items needed to hand out and/or eat the food items (sandwich bags, utensils, napkins…). 

-Keep PAC kitchen and locked PAC room tidy. Clean and maintain all HL bins and towels.  

-Manage day of Hot Lunch service. Someone with Food Safe must be present. Ensure all health and safety protocols have been adhered to by all volunteers. Prepare and sort food items as needed. Work with the Principal and HL student team to coordinate food delivery. Answer any questions and concerns from students and staff as presented. Remain on site until all concerns have been addressed. 

-Present a Hot Lunch Report at monthly PAC general and Executive meetings. 

Communications Coordinator 

-Maintains all social media accounts on behalf of the PAC. 

-Make posts on behalf of PAC members that fall within school community guidelines.  

-Shares information about the school as requested by administration.  

-Ensures all messages are replied to in a timely manner on all forms of social media. 

-Report at monthly PAC general and Executive meetings. 

Fruit and Veggie Coordinator 

 -Oversees the Ministry's program which provides fruit, vegetables, and milk to students throughout the year. 

-Fill out a log every time produce is received and take some pictures of the produce to send in. 

-Report at monthly PAC general and Executive meetings about what came, the quality and if the students enjoyed it. Let members know what is expected next and within what time frame. 


PAC MISSION STATEMENT:  The PAC is dedication to the education and well being of the child.  The primary mandate of the PAC shall be to promote and support education, to contribute to a sense of community, to encourage effective communication between home and school, to foster meaningful parent participation, and to strengthen the role of families in educational activities and decision making in the school.