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Parent Advisory
​​​​​​​​​How do I become a member of the Parent Advisory Council?

All parents who have students registered at Black Mountain Elementary School are automatically a member of the school Parent Advisory Council (PAC) and are encouraged and welcome to attend monthly meetings.  There also a PAC Facebook page, which contains regular updates regarding events/info for the school.

All meetings are planned to be at 6:00 via Zoom.  A few days prior to each PAC session, you'll receive a Zoom link through School Messenger.
The 2021-2022 BME PAC Executive Team

-President: Janelle Schultz

-Past-President: Jamie Taverner

-Vice-President: Dawn Douglas

-Secretary: Jessica Pfitzenmaier

-Treasurer: Sandeep Dhillon

-COPAC Representative: Jeanne Howland

-Members at Large: Susan Peters, Christina Whibley, Jessica Shea, Jackie Tower

-Communications Coordinator: Brittany Kostiuk

-Fruit & Veggie Coordinator: Katie Brendzy

-Fundraising Coordinator: Katie Ranchoux

-Hot Lunch Coordinators: Julee Richmond

-Volunteer Coordinator:  Jules Gonzalez

PAC Photo.jpg

PAC Meeting Dates for 2021-2022

Thursday, September 23  2021-09 PAC Meeting Minutes.pdf

Thursday, October 21        2021-10 PAC Meeting Minutes.pdf

Thursday, November 18   2021-11 PAC Meeting Minutes.pdf

Thursday, December 9      2021-12 PAC Meeting Minutes.pdf

Thursday, January 20         2022-01 PAC Meeting MInutes.pdf

Thursday, February 17      2022-02 PAC Meeting Minutes.pdf

Thursday, March 17

Thursday, April 21

Thursday, May 19                 2022-05 PAC Meeting Minutes.pdf

Thursday, June 16

 What are the roles of the Parent Advisory Executive?


Janelle Schultz

- Preside at and run monthly PAC Executive and monthly PAC general meetings

-one of signatories on bank accounts

-give direction and support to PAC members

-consult with PAC executive and school administration to prepare monthly meeting agendas

-consult with PAC executive and school administration to prepare monthly newsletter

-delegate duties to other members as appropriate


Dawn Douglas

- act in the Chair’s position in his/her absence

-coordinate guest speakers for PAC meetings

-assist Chair in his/her duties as needed

Past President

Jamie Taverner



Jessica Pfitzenmaier

-take minutes at monthly PAC meetings, distribute minutes to PAC members

-other recording duties as required

COPAC Representative

Jeanne Howland

-attend monthly district COPAC (Central Okanagan Parents Advisory Council) meetings

-report at monthly PAC meetings  


Sandeep Dhillon

-maintain an accurate record of all PAC income and expenditures

-report at monthly PAC meetings

-one of signatories on bank account

​Members at Large (including Classroom Representatives)

Susan Peters

Christina Whibley

Jessica Shea

Jackie Tower


-Helps with duties as they arise and are of interest to them throughout the year
-To have a liaison between the classroom teacher and the class parents/and act as support if teacher requires


Katie Ranchoux

-oversee fundraising for the PAC

Hot Lunch Coordinators

Julee Richmond

Ryan Liboiron

Sabrina Liboiron

-oversee each program, schedule volunteers as needed

Communication Coordinator

Brittany Kostiuk

-assist with preparation of newsletters and other publications as necessary

Fruit and Veggie Coordinator

Katie Brendzy

 -oversees the Ministry's program which provides fruit, vegetables, and milk to students throughout the year

​Health and Safety Representative

Dates for 2020 - 2021 Meetings:

Thursday, September 24     09-2020 PAC Gathering Minutes.pdf
Thursday, October 15           10-2020 PAC Gathering Minutes.pdf
Thursday, November 12      11-2020 PAC Gathering Minutes.pdf
Thursday, December 10      12-2020 PAC Gathering Minutes.pdf
Thursday, January 14            01-2021 PAC Gathering Minutes.pdf
Thursday, February 18         02-2021 PAC Gathering Minutes.pdf
Thursday, March 11               03-2021 PAC Gathering Minutes.pdf
Thursday, April 15                   04-2021 PAC Gathering Minutes.pdf
Thursday, May 13                    05-2021 PAC Gathering Minutes.pdf
Thursday, June 17