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PAC News
​How do I become involved in my child's school?  
Parent Advisory Councils are the formal "voice" of parents to provide input to schools in British Columbia.  All parents/guardians of children attending each school are automatically members of this important council.  
It is our hope that all of our parents will get involved in this important group.  At Black Mountain Elementary School, monthly meetings and other activities are planned and organized by your executive.

PAC MISSION STATEMENT:  The PAC is dedication to the education and well being of the child.  The primary mandate of the PAC shall be to promote and support education, to contribute to a sense of community, to encourage effective communication between home and school, to foster meaningful parent participation, and to strengthen the role of families in educational activities and decision making in the school.

Latest  Documents

BME PAC Bylaws 2018 - June 11 2018.pdfBME PAC Constitution 2018 - June 11 2018.pdf

2019 - 2020 PAC Meeting Minutes

2019-09 PAC Meeting Minutes.pdf

2019-10 PAC Meeting Minutes.pdf

2019-11 PAC Meeting Minutes.pdf

2019-12 PAC Meeting Minutes.pdf

2020-01 PAC Meeting Minutes.pdf

2018-2019 Meeting Minutes

2018-10-11 PAC Meeting Minutes.pdf

2018-11-15 PAC Meeting Minutes.pdf

2018-12-13 PAC Meeting Minutes.pdf

2019-01-17 PAC Meeting Minutes.pdf

2019-02-14 PAC Meeting Minutes.pdf

2019-03-11 PAC Meeting Minutes.pdf

2019-04-11 PAC Meeting Minutes.pdf

2019-05-16 PAC Meeting Minutes.pdf

BME PAC Meeting June 13 2019.pdf

2017-2018 Meeting Minutes

Clean Air Safe Routes Info.pdfBME PAC Meeting Feb 15 2018.pdf

PAC Meeting Jan 18 2018(1).pdf

BME PAC Meeting Nov 162017.pdf

 PAC Meeting Oct 12 2017.pdf

PAC Meeting Sept 21 2017.pdf




2016-2017 Meeting Minutes

 BME PAC Meeting May 17 2017.pdf

BME PAC Meeting April 20 2017.pdf

BME PAC Meeting March 8 2017.pdf

BME PAC Meeting Jan 19 2017.pdf

BME PAC Meeting Dec 15 2016.pdf

BME PAC Meeting Nov 17 2016.pdf

BME PAC Meeting Oct 19 2016.pdf

 BME PAC Meeting Sept 22 2016.pdf

2015-2016 Meeting Minutes

BME PAC Meeting June 9 2016.pdf

 BME PAC Meeting May 2016.pdf

BME PAC Meeting April 14 2016.pdf

BME PAC Executive Meeting Feb 12 2016.pdf

PAC.pdf - These are the PAC summary reports from the various committees - Feb. 17th, PAC meeting.

BME PAC Meeting Jan 21 2016.pdf

BME PAC Meeting Oct 21 2015.pdf

2014-2015 Meeting Minutes

BME PAC Meeting June 4 2015.pdf

 BME PAC Meeting May 21 2015.pdf

BME PAC Meeting April 23 2015.pdf

BME PAC Meeting February 26 2015.pdf 

 BME PAC Minutes December 4 2014.pdf

BME PAC Meeting November 20 2014.pdf

BME PAC Meeting October 23 2014.pdf

BME PAC Meeting October 2 2014.pdf

BME Pac Constitution May 10 - formatted.pdf
109 KB
BME Pac Bylaws - formatted.pdf
566 KB
BME PAC constitution and bylaws- 2012 (1).pdf
568 KB