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Healthy Living
It is our expectation that students will eat a healthy snack during the morning snack time.  These are items that are 'grown in the ground' or dairy products (eg. carrots, apples, yogurt).  As well, all students are encouraged to have a water bottle at their desk.

Our school is part of the "BC School Fruit and Vegetable Nutritional Program":

BCSFVNP Logo.png 

Our PAC also encourages the proper choices with healthy food options for our Hot Lunch days.

We encourage all classes to utilize the Daily Physical Activity time.  It is part of our class routines, and demonstrates that building daily healthy physical activity into our day is a priority for our Black Mountain Bears.
Trusted health information for all British Columbians. Access this reliable source either online or by calling 8-1-1. Speak a Nurse, consult a Pharmacist, or seek advice from a Registered Dietitian


Interior Health
Important information and resources for students, teachers, parents, health care providers and communities.


Healthy Food Sales Resources

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